Quarterly Reporting

REVISED: Quarter End 12/31/20 reports are due Monday 1/18/21

A reminder will be sent on the 15th. If we have not received your reports or acknowledgment that you have nothing to report for the quarter we will reach out via phone.

-Required Reporting Documents

  1. Client Data Spreadsheet 
  2. Financing Data Spreadsheet 
  3. Rental, Repair, Counseling, Volunteers, Energy Efficiency (Combo)

For thorough explanations of terms, and requirements on the spreadsheets, you can refer to the Data Dictionary from NWA, or contact Kyle* for help: kparsley@fahe.org / 859-986-2321 x-6251

If you would like to submit reports to our website as opposed to emailing me, you can do that here:


 *Additional information regarding HOW to fill out the reports is available in a supplemental file. If you are a first time reporter or If you have questions about filling out any Spreadsheet please refer to that first, if you still have questions please reach out to me immediately so I can answer in a timely manner. Any questions not addressed in the supplemental document will be added for future reports.

We would also like to hear about any production or programs you have going on that are not included in any of the prior documents. Please send those in writing with any data sets that might accompany them.

***REMINDER –  here is the difference between Rehabs and Repairs:

REHABS = any repair/rehab/weatherization activity $2K  and over and must be reported on Clients/Financing sheets.

REPAIRS = any repair/rehab/weatherization activity UNDER $2K and can only be reported on the 2nd tab of the Rental, Repair, Counsel, Vol, EEE