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7/09/2020 – 2019 MIT Student Report/Recommendations

2020 Spring Retreat/Exec. Director Symposium


The First Decade…Fahe in the ’80’s

Video prepared for 2019 Annual Meeting/Rural Conference

35th Anniversary Historical Video

2019 Annual Meeting

Fahe Video


Presentations from the Rural Conference can be accessed HERE

Resources from Anne Hazlett, Senior Advisor for Rural Affairs, Office of National Drug Control Policy Executive Office of the President

Federal Rural Resources Guide:  A listing of Federal programs that can be used to address substance use disorder and opioid misuse in rural communities.  Designed to be a one-stop-shop for rural leaders looking for Federal funding and partnership opportunities.

Community Assessment Tool:  Provides a snapshot of user-friendly, county-by-county data about drug overdose deaths and socio-economic conditions in a county to help leaders build grassroots solutions for prevention, treatment and recovery.

USDA resources:

2019 Spring Retreat Group Notes

2018 Annual Meeting Presentations & Materials

Andrea Levere, President, Prosperity Now  

Building Financial Stability, Wealth and Prosperity in Our Communities

Financial Coaching Program Guide

Building a Culture of Leadership Continuity & Assessing the Resiliency of your Organization – Randy Brinson, Third Sector:

Leadership Continuity slides handout – Fahe Conference

Succession Planning Handout 1

Leadership Continuity Self-Assessment


Succession Editorial LB Journal

Chief Executive Succession Policy

St. Annes CEO Memo 2

St. Annes CEO Memo 1

Assessing Your Orgs Resilience – Updated with Fahe Session Ideas


Housing Counseling – David Gallian – HUD Office of Housing Counseling

Chris Flaig, CPA, Assurance Partner, Mountjoy Chilton Medley:

Not for Profit Accounting Changes & Liquidity

Availability of Resources Disclosures and other upcoming FASB rules 

Liquidity disclosure examples

Financial Empowerment Panel

Kate Davidoff – Prosperity Now, Housing and Financial Capacity

Katrin Sirje Kark, Senior Program OfficerRural LISC – Reinvesting in Rural America

Thomas, Dombrowski, Housing Outreach, Freddie Mac Credit Smart_Presentation

Mel Jones O’Brien, Research Scientist, Virginia Tech – Housing Needs Assessment

Dixie Bullock, Coach Team Manager, NextJob –NextJob Services Training

Funding Opportunities Panel

Curtis Stauffer – KHC – Funding Session Slides

Jeanie Barbrow, USDA-RD Virginia  USDA-RD Funding Opportunities

Mary Hernandez, FHLB-Cincinnati

August 2018 – NNA-Sourcing Alliance – Full Recorded Presentation (50 min) Presentation Slides only

Office Depot/OfficeMax master list, please click here: OD/OM Master List

Please complete the very short survey, less than 3 minutes to complete, it will help us to look for other opportunities that fit your organization’s needs.  Even if you did not attend the call, we would still appreciate your input. Please click here: 3 minute survey on presentation.  During the presentation there is a discussion of discount cards that you could share with staff, residents, clients, etc. for savings up to 30% at Office Depot/OfficeMax.  Please click here for an explanation and access to the card: Discount Store Purchasing Card

June 22nd HPN Select WebinarFahe Vendor Playbook (all programs) 06.2018

2018 Spring Retreat

Self-Sufficiency Slides  ~  Ratios for 2018 Spring Meeting

Unrelated Business Income

HPN Select: HPN Select Overview

Sherwin Williams: HPN Select Sherwin Williams Flooring v2    Sherwin paint and flooring joint collateral

Facility Maintenance: Maintenance USA 2 Pager Maintenance/Repair: HD Supply 2 pager Pest Control: Rentokil 2 pager

Staples Office Supplies: HPN program.v3    Elevator Maintenance:  Schindler 2 pager

2015 Annual Meeting

 Kingsport, TN2015 Annual Meeting Packet

Speaker Bios

Breakout Sessions:

National Policy Update: Fahe Policy Presentation September 2015 – Andrea Ponsor

2014 Annual MeetingCharleston, WV  Annual Mtg Packet Final


Jim’s opening speech:

Gayle Manchin:

David Zuckerman:

Hal Rogers Acceptance Speech:

8,000 units video:

Pom pom:

The Nott Brothers and Bob Reeder:

2013 Annual Meeting Blacksburg, VA    Agenda Final

More Than Housing

Money Follows the Person – J.Mayo

Teacher Village, Welch WV – V.Poynter

Patriot Place, Veterans – R.Patton

First Ward School Healthy Home, Seniors – K.Jacobson

Partnering with WVU – J.Martys

Measure Twice, Cut Once – Assessing Organizational Risk

Top Ten Indicators of Org. Risk – E.Haralson  The Small Task on the third slide?  I have five puzzles, 24 pieces each, in zip-lock bags.  Two pieces have been removed from each and distributed into two of the other bags, and one piece removed and placed in a bag held by an assistant who will have a sign around their neck saying “Outside Resources.”  Each of the five tables is given the instructions to assemble one of the puzzles.  As they begin, the “Outside Resources” person places the sign around their neck and wanders around, checking in with each table, mainly being obvious.  After about 5 minutes, one table will realize they do not have all the correct pieces and will have to work out a trade with another table, or two.  They will at last notice the “outside resources” and get the last piece.  What is the take-away?  They have just demonstrated a FAHE.  They have to work with the other members, and sometimes get outside resources from FAHE.

Mortgage Lending Compliance Issues

Flanagan Ability to Repay and Originator Compensation Presentation

Flanagan Mortgage Servicing and ECOA Appaisal Rules Presentation

Higher Prices and High Cost Mortgages

Building Funder Relationships

Building Funder Relationships – M.Crawford

Making Energy Star Green Built Homes Count – How to Get the Appraisal You Need

Energy Presentation – L.Disney

Making Energy Star, Green Built Homes Count – J.Trent