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URA the HUD Way

Web-Based Training Course for the Uniform Relocation Assistance (URA)and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended (URA)

This 8-part web-based modular training course provides basic information and resources to HUD grantees and funding recipients on URA requirements for HUD funded projects.

Module 1: provides an overview of the URA.

Module 2: provides an overview of another Federal law known as Section 104(d), which applies to CDBG and HOME funded projects.

Module 3: (listed as coming soon) URA Planning and Budgeting

Module 4: (listed as coming soon) URA Real Property Acquisition

Module 5: Residential Relocation

Module 6: Nonresidential Relocation

Module 7: Temporary Relocation

Module 8 (listed as coming soon) Recordkeeping, Monitoring, and Corrective Action

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