NTI News

Federal Fiscal Year 2019 Schedule of NTI’s

Please look carefully at the dates for the next year, determine what training you will need and what NTI(s) you plan to attend if you have slots to use.

NTI Location                    Dates                     Registration Deadline

  • Pittsburgh, PA        December 3 – 7, 2018     October 17, 2018 website  BROCHURE full listing of the courses
  • Cleveland, OH      February 18-22, 2019       TBD
  • New Orleans, LA    August 19-23, 2019          June 24, 2019

Just like this past Federal FY, there will only be 3 NTIs and the travel will arrangements will be made by individual travelers.


  • The TRAVEL STIPEND has gone down to $600 this year, so it is even more advantageous for you to choose NTIs/locations that are the easiest in regards to transportation.
  • The SLOT FEE has gone up to $525 for up to a week of classes.
  • LODGING – As was the case this past year, Registrants will receive subsidized single-occupancy rooms, paying $80 per night per the number of days of NTI attendance/participation (checking in one day prior to the course start date and checking out the last day of class).

Fahe’s priorities in awarding slots for the coming Federal FY will be as follows:

  1. Home Lending/Financial Literacy Counseling
  2. Partnering Housing, Health, and Social Services
  3. Energy Efficiency (some courses under Constr/Rehab, some scattered throughout other tracks)
  4. Organizational Sustainability/Leadership/Board Governance – courses in the Non-profit leadership track

To be eligible to receive a slot you must:

  • Be a member in good standing
  • Submit your quarterly reporting
  • Submit  your completed slot request on the attached spreadsheet
  • Email all NTI Training Certificates for this past year to jackie@fahe.org