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Online Marketing – Is Your Website Effective? – Presentation

Nonprofit Resources to Improve Your Online Marketing. – Presentation

Nonprofit Resources

Dreamhost – Free hosting for nonprofits.

Google My Business setup – Simple instructions to set up your listing on Google

Moz Local – After setting up your GMB listing and verifying it this is the next step in optimizing your listings across the internet. This costs 99$ for a year but saves a lot of labor and is well worth the benefit to your SEO.

Learn SEO – This is a good guide to help learn about SEO, it will give you a baseline understanding of why and what steps to take.

Google Grants signup – Remember to use an account that you haven’t entered payment information into.

Beyond the traffic – How Adwords positively effects your site’s organic results. With Google Grants you get free traffic in addition to the benefits outlined in this video.

First Adwords Ad – Guide on setting up your first ad. If you need help contact Daniel.

Google Nonprofits – Be sure to check out the products page and look into the services they offer to see if they will work for your organization.

Setup Facebook Ads – Setup is easy and you can target people based on the demographics they fit into. Low investment for very targeted ads.

Udemy – This is a very good site for furthering your education on pretty much any area and they have sales for 10 dollar courses often. I’ve taken several from here including one for Adwords. Just sign up for the site and they will send you emails for 10 dollar courses fairly often along with notifying you of any sales.