Fahe Membership Renewal

Renewal Message from Jim:

July 1, 2020

I am hopeful.

This may sound overly optimistic as recent months have been marked by crisis after crisis.  From the COVID-19 pandemic, to the economic shut down and future strain of recovery, to the brutal reminders of the systemic inequality still faced by underinvested communities and by black, brown, and indigenous peoples.  But still I am hopeful.  This is because these are not the first crises any of us have overcome. In fact many of the organizations of the Fahe Network were formed to directly answer a crisis.  And all of us have learned to not only endure but to thrive during a crisis.   The 2008 housing crash is something most of us recall, and I witnessed your toughness, expertise, and innovation; this makes me hopeful.   

We were founded 40 years ago as a solution to the Appalachian housing crisis to provide resources, opportunity for deep collaboration and shared voice for the organizations doing the hard work in our communities.  And thanks to the strength of our Network, Fahe is well-prepared to provide all this and more in the months to come as we work not only to respond to the crisis but also to recover and rebuild a more inclusive economy.

At a time when we need each other, staff have been active, working on funding and positioning the membership for opportunities, and have doubled down on our connection with you, with calls and zoom meetings, such as our Friday meetings.  We have worked with you to develop op-eds and messaging to get Appalachia much needed attention as we look toward recovery.  We are also monitoring the need for better access to healthcare, broadband, and other issues we have always dealt with but which have become more pronounced in light of recent events, and we are advocating for state and federal resources that work for rural communities.

Our region is one of several that have been severely underinvested, making our hard work more difficult.  Therefore this past year we worked to increase the amount of federal funding for Persistent Poverty regions through 10-20-30 language and are seeking to extend that from USDA and Treasury to HUD and SBA,  We have been spearheading an effort to increase income eligibility for parts of our country that have low median incomes.  CRA has not worked well in our regions, so we led efforts to address CRA reform and the damaging work by the OCC to dismantle much of the Act.  We have been active with multiple policies that affect the mission and your ability to fulfill that mission.  Beyond this we have been working with you to promote the voice of Members through op-eds, blogs, and as your staff, we initiate and maintain key relationships so that your voice and concerns are heard. 

In the coming year you can expect staff to continue to work hard to expand the amount of capital and funding for you, as they are the lifeblood of our organizations, and without it we cannot deliver the mission.  We will continue to raise your voice and the region as our country looks to rebuild.  There will be future stimulus packages, and a November election, and the needs and issues of Appalachia should be part of the conversation.  And we will be focused on our strength in numbers.  Together we have the leadership and capacity to recover through the economic crisis and uplift our communities to be in a position to better endure future hardships. Together we are committed to ending the practices that have long held back millions of people in our country.  Committed to building the American dream, a shared affirmative vision of a fair and inclusive society that values all people. We have successfully navigated crises in the past and we will succeed in the midst of this crisis as we always do – #strengthinnumbers. 

On behalf of my team thank you for being part of Fahe and allowing us to be part of your team.

Jim King, President & CEO


Items A thru D are due to Fahe no later than Friday, July 31, 2020

All other items & pages 2 & 3 of the Checklist are due no later than Monday, August 31, 2020

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$500 – Renewal Items A,B,C & D & payment received on or before July 31, 2020.
$600 – Renewal Items & payment received between August 1  and  August  31, 2020.
$700 – Renewal Items & payment received on or after September 1, 2020.

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