Fahe Membership Renewal

Renewal Message from Jim:

I’m looking ahead to 2020 with excitement: on the horizon I see renewed possibilities for our work and the impact we create together in our communities, our beloved Appalachia, and in the everyday lives of the people we serve so passionately! We have many great assets across the Network that continue to serve us well. Foremost in my mind is our unique collaborative model and our advocacy work: 50+ Members and 80+ partners who are local, regional, and national leaders, all working together to uplift our nation’s rural places. In the past year, together we accounted for $305M of impact in Appalachia, resulting in the ability to serve 85,000 people. That’s remarkable!  

Here are the highlights of our work for you:

  • Calendar Year 2018 total investment to Members in pass-through grants, gifts-in-kind, training slots, assistance with grant applications, mortgages financed and lines of credit was $28,553,567.
  • Our Policy work has positioned Fahe well in this environment, and your voice is being heard. We seek to be issue-based (how to best serve people and places), bipartisan, and to use common sense as our approach. 
    • Successfully lobbied for the inclusion of a provision at USDA and Treasury for 10% of their funding to go to regions marked by persistent poverty. We refer to this as 10-20-30.  HUD is including language for the coming year. 
    • Duty to serve:  FHFA, Fannie, and Freddie representatives to be at the Fahe/NWA fall event. They will join the tours we are planning, and following the final session will hold a roundtable to discuss how they can better serve places like Appalachia.
    • With Joshua Stewart joining Alex Dadok and myself, Fahe now has an active advocacy team of three that can advocate on the Hill. We have strong relationships with McConnell, Rogers, Barr, Capito, Manchin, Warner, and are cultivating relationships with Shelby, Alexander. We also had meetings with the administration including the White House, USDA, HUD Treasury, Federal Reserve Bank (FRB).  Alex is leading a Member discussion on an Appalachian narrative and also working on changes to AMI with Members as well as with the Persistent Poverty Working Group.  This is vital work that continues to secure critical resources for Members at HUD, USDA, and Treasury. 
  • With our narrative work, we are advancing our Members as thought leaders, and our Network as a powerful asset to change the region. Media mentions include NBC, MSNBC, The New York Times, and Washington Post. We are working on a feature with Shelterforce: I will be in the June edition Q and A with Bill Bynum, and Fahe will be represented in multiple articles over the next six months. We are working the FRB on their understanding of poverty and the role of federal policy and capital markets. I have met with Governor Bowman on this topic, and she has agreed to join us in Knoxville in September. Seth Long’s letter to the editor advocating for a bigger view of rural places was printed in The New York Times. Persistent poverty was covered by CNBC on Memorial Day as an issue for the upcoming presidential election.  And our ideas are reflected in two presidential candidates’ agendas, calling for more work in rural America. 

Our work around communication and creating a different frame is important strategic work. I find it challenging as we to look for ways to adopt language and tactics that are uncomfortable and unfamiliar. However, I remain convinced that the ultimate amount of resources and intervention needed in places of persistent poverty, and expressly Appalachia where we focus our work, will not take place without a new narrative: a narrative that is about investing in people and places that are the most difficult to reach, but cannot realize their potential without changes to the way we talk about poverty and our region. 

Fahe has increased our research efforts: we worked with Virginia Tech on the Appalachian Housing Needs Assessment, and Katy Stigers recently completed a Summary of Issues Facing Rural Housing. We anticipate a more in-depth rollout of this Summary to dig into the challenges identified. With assistance from MIT Sloan School of Management, Laura Meadows is assessing how Fahe/JCL can best align with Members for future lending opportunities. The Focus Group on the 80/20 product is identifying specifics for enhanced product development.

The staff and I are fully engaged in a renewed focus on Members. To be honest, you have always been our focus, but it hasn’t shown up very well recently. We are changing that. Member services is the responsibility of every staff member. Here is what you can expect:

  1. Increased Staff Communication and Interaction: This will ensure that we are in tune with what you want and what you are doing. We are also developing some working groups, so we can create solutions together.
  2. Program Dollars: Goals for the upcoming year will include seeking and securing grants and loans specifically for Members to help you secure capacity and do the hard work.
  3. Member Strategy: This is long term, but as I said at the Spring Retreat, Fahe-Berea is different; Fahe Members are changing; and the “world” we work in has changed. With these changes, what should the long-term value and “promise” of being a Member look like? And how should staff be expected to deliver on that?

We are here to serve you and it is our privilege to do so. Together WE are Fahe, and WE are an unavoidable force in Appalachia. The staff and I look forward to serving alongside you in the coming year.

Your renewal documents are linked below, the materials and dues are due back to Fahe on July 15.

Jim King, President & CEO    

·       Checklist (this list contains other docs that must be submitted)

·       Item A – Contact Info Spreadsheet

·       Item B – Eligibility Certification & Compliance

·       Item C – Member Production Cal. Yr. 2018

Please note: We request renewal packets be sent electronically either by email to: jackie@fahe.org or by uploading through the Fahe Sharefile site: Upload site

You can also  burn all of your files to a writable CD and mail to the address listed at bottom of page

Deadlines for Membership materials and payment:

  • Received by Fahe on or before July 15, 2019– $500
  • Received between July 16 and July 31, 2019– $600
  • Received on or after August 1, 2019 – $700
  • If you choose to send hard copy (paper) renewal documents by postal service, there will be an Additional $50 charge for processing. Please include this additional $50 fee in your check amount if you choose to use the mail option.

Please mail check separately to Fahe, Attn: Vonda Poynter at: 319 Oak St., Berea, KY 40403

If you have any questions or difficulties with forms, please contact Jackie by email: jackie@fahe.org or by phone: 859-248-6076