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  1. Community Lending cls-products-term-sheet
  2. JCL jcl-snapshot-matrix-for-fall-caucus-mtgs
  3. Eric Haralson’s Presentation on Financial Spreads: How to Read Your Spreadsheet 2
  4. Fahe Bylaws Amended and Restated 2014-05-20
  5. Fahe Staff Chart updated 9.27.2017
  6. Member map, Congressional Districts
  7. Powersaver Loan
  8. JCL brochure
  9. The 114th Congress
  10. Anti-Money Laundering Policy used by HFH of Madison & Clark Co.
  11. CHP – AEP Electric Release form 2012
  12. IRS 501q Summary from NNA
  13. IRS Section 501q – Additional information available from Venable, LLP – Washington, DC
  14. The Brooks Act how to use QBS
  15. Qualifications Based Selection QBS manual for WV
  16. Example Charges for Services
  17. Marketing Resources

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