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3-Month Report 7/1/2022-9/30/202210/10/2022
6-Month Report10/1/2022-12/31/2022 1/9/2023
9-Month Report 1/1/2023-3/31/20234/10/2023
Final Report 4/1/2023-6/30/2023 1/9/2023

Trauma Informed Care

New Articles of Interest:

From Andy 5/31/22:

Two articles with updates on Unite Us, and the Virginia draft budget

5/24/22 – Build Healthy Places Network- Rural Playbook for New Rural Healthcare Partnership Models of Investment

11/18/21Note from Rebecca Dillow on Radon: Was doing some googling and came across this abstract with some findings about radon testing in rural Appalachia. Not sure when/if we will have this conversation with Ballad, but there’s plenty of data to support a request for them to provide some financial support if we decide to explore providing radon remediation to some of our clients’ homes that may test high in radon. Just wanted to share…Home Radon Testing in Rural Appalachia – PubMed ( Conclusion: Providing free home radon test kits in the primary care setting shows promise in prompting radon testing in rural Appalachia. As radon-induced lung cancer risk increases with exposure over time, health care providers in rural Appalachia need to encourage patients of all ages to test their home for radon, especially those who smoke or report smoking in the home.

Ballad Call Notes:


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February 8, 2021 – Note from Andy on Unite Us: I did a demo with the Unite Us folks, and was more intrigued than I thought I would be. Their project isn’t so much a client management system as it is a compact referral and tracking program, but it would involve some duplicate entries of client needs. They told me that their platform will integrate with certain other management information systems, so that remains to be seen. It is HIPAA compliant. They are actively recruiting agencies to participate, with the Governor’s push, especially involving health departments, hospitals and community service boards. Check it out HERE

Rural Report Appendix – Virginia

Rural Report Appendix – West Virginia

April 2019 – COPA – Ballad HIE plan

January 11, 2021 Shelterforce Article on Healthcare Institutions and Their Role in Neighborhood Change Shared by Katy

January 6, 2021 – NCRC Article: Hospitals Can Partner With Banks Under The Community Reinvestment Act To Create Healthy Communities

2020 VA Governor’s Conference Presentation – Ballad and Fahe Members

Oct. 30, 2020 – Bristol Herald Courier Article on Ballad’s New Health Program

Sept. 8, 2020New Appalachian Highlands Care Network focuses on services for the uninsured

Aug. 18, 2020 – from the Bristol Herald, Article on Ballad. Part 1, Part 2

Aug. 16, 2020Officials warn evictions could rise as protections expire – article from the Herald-Courier featuring Lisa Porter

June 26, 2020 News Story on ETSU/Ballad Health Partnership

Ballad Annual Report – Population Health Plans starts on p. 189:

Community Health Needs Assessment:

And finally, Ballad (under their former corporate name of Mountain States Health Alliance) is participating in this study

June 4, 2020 – United Health Group Invests 100M in Affordable Housing

June 3, 2020Ballad Health and ETSU Partner with Harvard on study of Rural Hospitals

Excerpt from the above article: Medical and public health research has established clear and persuasive links between poor housing conditions and negative outcomes for residents’ physical and mental well-beingInadequate housing can exacerbate chronic health issues, expose occupants to environmental toxins, and heighten injury risks, which are especially hazardous to children and older adults. Residing in substandard housing is also associated with increased risks of depression and anxiety, and may have a particularly demoralizing impact on children. In addition to these widely documented health impacts, inadequate housing can worsen residential instability among low-income renters, leading to poor health outcomes for both adults and children. For low-income homeowners, the inability to afford needed repairs is a common financial stressor, and evidence from the foreclosure crisis suggests a strong link between struggling with housing costs and worse self-reported health.

Roanoke Times Jan. 27, 2020The Secular Society in Blackburg seeks to abolish medical debt in SW Virginia…

Partnering for Prevention: Hospital Community Benefit Investments for Community Development article from The Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF). Serving the poorest of the poor, LIIF is a steward for capital invested in community-building initiatives.

A Ballad ACC Meeting Presentation 1-21-2020

Handout from Ballad ACC Meeting 12-17-19

Bristol Herald Courier – 11/22 Sale of Key Share, Norton Hospital…

NY Times Article – 11/8 – With Medical Bills Skyrocketing, More Hospitals Are Suing for Payment

From Katy Stigers and the Fahe Archives

For Examples of previous health related work across the Fahe Network, here is a list of Blogs from Fahe:

  1. Fahe Members and Partners Receive ARC Funding for Recovery and Reemployment – February 2019
  2. Health, Home, and Home – A Thriving Community Can Reduce the Risk of Addiction. – December 2018
  3. Fahe Receives $1M to Address Opioid Epidemic in Eastern KY – January 2017  
  4. Blue Ridge Medical Center – April 2015
  5. Hickory Hill Recovery Center Opens – January 2015
  6. Fahe Members and Partners Receive ARC Funding for Recovery and

Article: America’s Largest Health Insurer is Giving Apartments to Homeless People

From Eastern Eight’s NWA Consultant, 11/5

From LISC, 11/4: Build Healthy Places Network – Playbook for Community Developers

From Katy Stigers, 10/22:

Below is a four part series on the challenges facing Ballad.


Investment in ETSU National Center Health Excellence

Related Marketing / Economic Development Orgs, focused on recruitment (e.g. Amazon data center)