Quarterly Reporting

Quarter End 9/30/17 Reports are due to: jackie@fahe.org by 5pm Eastern, Monday 10/16/17

Please refer to the documents below for changes and additions, and helpful hints for reporting your quarterly production. If you complete (all 3) reporting spreadsheets every quarter, you will have less paperwork to complete during the membership renewal process in the spring.

Please note: The Clients & Financing Spreadsheets have been changed this year so that based on your answers, only appropriate responses are available in the drop down. This should eliminate many errors and omission of required answers. On the Client Spreadsheet, errors will be noted in Column A and in more detail in columns BM, BN, and BO. On the Financing Spreadsheet, errors will be noted in Column L.

Client Spreadsheet – Columns AV thru BL are supplemental information that we would like you to fill out if you have the information available to you.

Please review quick list of changes/helpful hints – click: Federal FY17 Reporting Changes and Helpful Hints

Spreadsheets for Federal FY17: